So, yesterday I explained how the recall portion of our main lesson fits in. The next part of our main lesson rhythm — the bookwork/practice time — works in a far less tidy fashion.

So, we usually end our recall with the “crystalization” part of the recall, which usually takes the form of some sort of independent work. Because the children vary so widely in the time they take to get things done, I allow the students to move into the bookwork/practice part of our main lesson at their own pace.

When they’ve finished the work from the recall they take out their main lesson books and work at putting the work from the previous day’s “crystalization” into their main lesson books. By the time it’s all said and done they have somewhere between 20-30 minutes each day to work on their main lesson books.

Sometimes (mostly when we’re in a math block) we have more practice to do so instead of doing bookwork I’ll have the children practice something. Math worksheets are great for this.

Now, one thing I’ve just realized this year. . . while the children are working go sit down at your desk! I have realized that my former students were quite dependent on having me nearby and ready to help them. If students need to get up and come ask me a question they tend to think twice and they try to figure it out for themselves.

Next in the series is the final part of our main lesson — the new content.

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